What People Are Saying

"I was amazed by the service and honesty. Royce was very friendly and professional. I was astonished by his knowledge. No high-pressured sales pitch and right to the point. I figured I would help a great company out with a five star review. Clearly that is unnecessary. They are five-star already for a reason!! Nice job guys, you got a good team."

"I always call Williams Pest Control in Las Vegas, every time I have problems with the bugs. They are really very nice, working professional and the prices are the best!"

"After my renters left, leaving their apartment FILTHY and covered in fleas from the stray animals they kept bringing in, I called Williams Pest Control to come spray. They were out that very same day and sprayed down the whole unit inside and out, and promised to come back within 90 days to spray for free if the problem persisted. 30 days later, I had them come out on good measure before the new carpet was installed to removed the stragglers that I had seen. I called and they arrived 30 minutes later just in time for the carpet to be installed. Awesome customer service, very timely, and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again."

"I just want to write how magnificent was the service provided by Williams Pest Control. I called them when I had problem with bedbugs that wouldn't leave me sleep peacefully. They came on time, worked very diligently and the final result was that there is not one bug in my house anymore! Simply brilliant!"

"I thought I had bedbugs. Thank god I didn't but I wouldn't have known, and also would have spent my weekend in a panic, had it not been for Timothy promptly calling me back on a Saturday night, and then, after my emailing him a picture of the culprit, his having identified within a few minutes, that the bug was not what I was fearing. He was johnny on the spot and very friendly."

"In past years I've had hundreds of six-legged tenants, who do not pay rent, infiltrating my house, so it was finally time to evict the little buggers. While I used to find minimal joy in playing "catch the bug" with my dog (he enjoyed it more than I did), guests would mildly freak out while several cockroaches scurried across my living room floor throughout the evening. Opening the garage door was like a scene out of Indiana Jones, where you turn on a light and you'd see dozens 'em bolt away back into the cracks. C'mon Vegas, you know what I'm talking about. I used to have resident spiders that hung around so long, I should of named them. Ants that I couldn't get rid of with that Home Defense stuff were finally just accepted around the house as long as they didn't wander off "trail." All that changed this summer when I made the decision to hire a pest control company.

With a million choices in companies out there, I made a few calls, checked reviews and weighed financial options. Most companies want you to sign into a yearly contract for service. Since the bugs go away in the winter, I only wanted service in the summer when they come out of the ground and into the house. No company I called was willing to just come out in the summer until I found Williams.

They came out to spray the same day I first called them, which was nice. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of spray laid down all throughout my yard during that initial visit in June. You could see all the roaches and spiders fleeing from their underground caves. If only hunting terrorists were this easy. From then on, the only bugs I saw inside were on their backs with those six lifeless legs in the air. Hardly exciting for a dog wanting to go hunting. But exciting for me to have a pest-free home for the first time.

Their prices may be a little more than some of the bargain pest control companies around town, but they are willing to work with your budget, not lock you in a contract, and they get the job done. I am set up on an every other month plan just during the summer. They say if you notice bugs between visits they will come out and spray again for no charge. I haven't had to call, as the only time I found live bugs in my home was actually the night before they came out for my second servicing. A spider and an earwig knew they were coming and sought refuge, until they felt the wrath of the flip flop.

While my second treatment didn't seem to offer quite the extensive coverage as the first visit, I'm still confident that the bugs will once again be held at bay and if not, Williams guarantees their work and that's a quality business practice."